A contingent of wacky fans?

Or... something.

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This is, in fact, a fan community for James Dean Bradfield, of the Welsh band Manic Street Preachers. Because he is HOT. And other stuff. (brilliant guitarist, wonderful singer, snappy dresser, yadda yadda) HOT.

Emily (ouchie) is in charge, and reserves the right to ban your ass if you see it necessary to be a fucking cunt. Not that I think you will or anything. I'm sure you're very nice. :) :) :)

Ooh look, Links!
The James Dean Bradfield Appreciation Society Some pictures, and ooooooh kinky fantasy fic-things.
jamesdeanbradfield.net A great many pictures, a few links.
staybeautiful.net Manics news, pictures, links, lyrics. One of the best sites out there.
MANICS.CO.UK The um, Official Fuckin' Site! News, pictures, links, downloads, store, etc etc etc.
Forever Delayed etc. Home of THE Manics Forum. ;) (Um, I [moderator person Emily] am afraid of forums and have not actually joined, so I won't know what you're talking about if you make subtle references to conversations there.)

And on LiveJournal
facelessmillion Sean Moore fan community.
sleepflowers Richey Edwards fan community.
wetnaturaldirty Nicky Wire fan community.
ifwhiteamerica community for American fans of the Manics. (And Canadians too I guess, since I joined and nobody's kicked me out yet)
manic_empire General Manics stuff community.
manicsobsessive Where obsessed fans share their insanity.

And yes, we know he's married. Sod off.